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Our African Beauty oil range consists of Organicule Baobab oil, Organicule Mongongo oil and Organicule Kalahari Melon Seed oil.

These oils will do wonders for your face, hair and skin. All these premium quality oils are naturally derived and have amazing properties that will benefit you. Unlike other oils in the market, there are no chemicals in our oils. They are just pure oils derived from the seeds. Make them part of your beauty regime and see the difference.-


I purchased these oils because i have a problem of dry hair. I was in need of good oils to keep my hair moisturized and soft as I want to grow my hair out. I came across Organicule African Beauty Oils and I decided to give them a try. I have heard about Argan oil for hair but based on my readings, these 3 oils are more superior than Argan oil. I mix these 3 oils and apply the concoction every night on my hair before i go to bed. I apply some to my face skin too on top of my face moisturizer as an additional moisturizer booster. Surprisingly with only few days of usage my hair feels softer, silkier and healthier. My face skin feels moisturized too without becoming too greasy as the oil absorb well into the skin. Indeed these oils will become a part of my regular hair and skin care routine starting from now


I started to apply Baobab Oil as moisturiser and primer since Dec 2019. I would apply them before sunscreen. My skin is smoother, more glowy and it does give my makeup a bit of dewy effect and I love them! It moisturises my skin perfectly and no more dry skin for me. 


I’ve been using the oils for over a month and my skin feels absolutely amazing. They’re rich but don’t feel overly oily/sticky. I particularly like the Mongongo oil as it not only moisturises my face and body but is also a natural sunscreen. I consume Organicule’s Baobao powder so it’s amazing I can rub it on my body now - can’t get enough of Vit C! As for the KalaHari Melon Oil, I’ve been mainly using it for the ends of my hair and when I used it during the winter, it helped with the static. Overall I highly recommend this amazing oil bundle!!!


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1. Promotion:
• This is a limited time promotion.
• While stocks last.

2. Promo Code:
• 2 complimentary oils. Promo code FREE2OILS
• Every order can only have a maximum of 1 voucher to be applied.
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• Due to technical restrictions, we are unable to input the voucher code on your behalf during checkout or once the order has been made.
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3. Gift:
• Any 2 of the following: Organicule Baobab oil, Organicule Mongongo oil and Organicule Kalahari Melon Seed oil.
• We reserve the right to send any 2 oils to the participants within the Superoil range.

4. Delivery Fee
• A delivery fee of RM5 for West Malaysia or RM10 for East Malaysia is applied for standard deliveries.
• Complimentary product is only available for delivery within Malaysia.

5. Disclaimer:
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