The Year of the Ox is here!

And keeping with the helpful spirit of the Ox, we invite you to celebrate the new year by gifting your loved ones a boost of health and immunity with a dash of beauty. Shower your loved ones with one of these bundles and we will send you gifts of your own!


A gift from Organicule 

Get 1 or more beauty oils completely free with each bundle ordered!

Happiness Bundle

Cacao Powder | Pumpkin Protein - Small

Experience the flavour of 100% pure Cacao and the unique taste of Pumpkin protein with our Happiness Bundle.




Prosperity Bundle

Turmeric Powder | Beetroot Powder | Chlorella Powder

Good health is the greatest sign of prosperity and our CNY special, Prosperity Bundle ensures that you always remain healthy and strong. Packed with anti-oxidants in the form of pure Turmeric, Beetroot and Chlorella, this bundle makes the perfect gift for your loved ones.



Abundance Bundle

Turmeric Powder | Cacao Nibs | Pumpkin Seeds | Moringa Powder | Maca Powder

May this New Year bring you abundance of health, happiness and prosperity. Give the gift of abundance to your loved ones with our CNY special bundle. Packed with antioxidants in the form of Turmeric and Moringa, essential nutrients and vitamins in the form of Maca and Pumpkin seeds and the flavour of pure chocolate with our Cacao Nibs.