Our Story

As a husband and wife team, we share a common vision and passion to lead a healthy lifestyle and to practice eating healthy. We changed our perceptions about getting a proper diet and took it upon ourselves to be more informed about healthier eating habits. We have not looked back since.

Now, as we are more aware of the food we consume, we have discovered the immense benefits of eating healthy. With a well balanced nutritious diet, we are experiencing positive physical and mental changes. Not only are we more physically fit, we are also more energetic. This has also led us to be optimistic and happier in our lives. This turn-over change is hugely attributed to making nutrition-dense organic super-foods as a major part of our diet.


We wanted to incorporate more of these whole foods to our diets because we just could not get enough of them. Seeing that we were reaping tremendous benefits out of this change of diet, our friends and family members too made the change and are now advocates of organic whole food. However, we realised that these high quality organic super-foods are hard to get and their availability is limited in local stores. Furthermore, they can be quite expensive. So we had to order most of our superfoods from overseas which also had its own set of disadvantages – delivery time, shipping & local clearance.

With this challenge up against us, we then decided to make it easier for us and for everyone else to increase the availability of these wholesome foods here. We wanted to bring high quality super-foods to Malaysia and to allow for others to experience the amazing benefits from consuming these wholesome foods. Our mission now is to help Malaysians lead a healthier, more active lifestyle by bringing them these organic, nutritious whole foods.


Our Mission

We want to bring high quality organic superfoods at a price point that is affordable and be a one stop shop for all our consumers. We work directly with the producers and farmers across the globe to ensure we get the highest quality so that our consumers are able to experience the amazing benefits from consuming these wholesome foods. Our mission now is to help Malaysians lead a healthier lifestyle by incorporating these affordable high quality superfoods into their diet.


Our Values


We are committed to ensure that all Organiculers are getting high quality products that nourishes their body by providing it with complete nutrition. We work hard to always innovate, work better and power the love in all we do for our consumers.

We are also committed to the farmers and the communities we work with to help them grow.