Quick & Easy Baby Pea, Mint & Moringa Dip

Posted by SSAYANG VEGAN on

I always see superfoods powders used in sweet dishes like smoothies and desserts, but they’re actually great in savoury dishes too! This Baby Pea, Mint & Moringa Dip is one of my favourite ways to sneak a couple of superfoods into my meals. Inspired by my favourite Pea Mint Soup, this dip is equally as light and refreshing and can be ready in 10 mins—it really couldn’t be easier to make. It’s perfect for parties (I brought this to one recently and everyone loved it!), on grazing boards or to add to your favourite salad bowls.


If you would like to know the full recipe and process of making this wonderfull dip, do click on the link below. Thank you :)


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