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Chlorella Matcha Mint Breakfast Parfait (GF, Refined-Sugar Free)

Chlorella Matcha Mint Breakfast Parfait (GF, Refined-Sugar Free)

For those who follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I love a green smoothie. This recipe takes it up a notch with a Chlorella Matcha Mint smoothie layered on top of a creamy, goji berry studded chia pudding. It’s a pretty breakfast parfait that’s not only simple to make, but also refreshing and packed with nutrients!

Recently, my favourite local superfood brand Organicule Superfoods launched their newest product—Chlorella powder. I’ve been using Chlorella for years so obviously this was very exciting news for me. If you’d like to try it (along with any of their other products), you can get 10% off with my promo code SSAYANG10.


What is Chlorella

Chlorella is a freshwater algae and as its name suggests, is a superfood rich in chlorophyll, the green pigment found in plants vital for photosynthesis. While green vegetables are a good source of chlorophyll, none contain as much as Chlorella which contains 3-5% chlorophyll, the highest in any micro-algae and significantly more than other leafy green vegetables.

What is it good for?

With such high levels of chlorophyll, Chlorella is great for detoxifying the body. Some of its benefits are that it:

•Helps cleanse the bowels and liver

•Helps cleanse the blood by binding to toxins and heavy metals and stopping them from being reabsorbed

•Is very nutritious—high in vitamin C, iron, protein, omega-3s and other vitamins and antioxidants

•Helps support the immune system and aid digestion by promoting good bacteria growth


Taste wise, it’s definitely got a strong grassy flavour, which I personally don’t mind. Funny story: Once when I interned at a streetwear company, I started drinking my green smoothie and didn’t realise how strong the smell of Chlorella was until someone from the other side of the room shouted “Why does it smell like freshly mowed grass in here?!”



While they are both freshwater algae there are a few differences between Chlorella and Spirulina. The first difference you notice is the colour—Chlorella is a green algae and Spirulina is a blue-green algae. While Chlorella has10x more chlorophyll than Spirulina, Sprirulina has higher levels of protein, beta carotene and contains a rare antioxidant, phycocyanin, which helps to protect cells from damage. While there are a few other differences I usually just alternate between the two depending on what I feel I need.



The smoothie is creamy yet refreshing (thanks to the mint leaves) and the chia pudding packs in more protein and healthy omega-3 fats. I’ve always loved soaking my goji berries until they get plump and juicy, and adding them to the chia pudding does just that! Make the chia pudding the night before and this parfait is super simple to throw together for breakfast, or even in the afternoon as a snack.

For the green smoothie, you’re looking for a thick smoothie bowl consistency, hence why there’s so little liquid and I’ve chosen to freeze my fruits. But as always, feel free to adjust the recipe accordingly—if your blender isn’t very powerful you’ll definitely need to add more liquid and maybe let your fruits thaw (or just use them fresh if you don’t mind it not being cold).

If you’re still trying to get used to the taste of Chlorella, this is a great way to introduce the superfood to your diet. Let me know what you think in the comments below if you try it and don’t forget to tag me in your creations as always!







Green smoothie:

•1 tsp Organicule Chlorella powder

•2 tsp matcha

•3 banana, frozen

•½ mango, diced and frozen

•2 tbsp hemp hearts

•½ cup of fresh mint leaves

•2 tbsp plant milk


Chia pudding:

•3 tbsp chia seeds

•1 cup plant milk

•1 tbsp goji berries



1. Make chia pudding. Make the chia pudding first by putting all the Chia Pudding ingredients in a jar. Stir until well combined and cover the jar. Leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours, preferably overnight.

2. Make smoothie. Add all the Green Smoothie ingredients into a blender (preferably high powered) and blend until smooth. Add more plant milk if needed.

3. Assemble parfait. Divide the Chia Pudding evenly between 2 small glasses or jars. Pour the Green Smoothie on top of the chia pudding. Garnish with your favourite toppings and serve!


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